Candy Maker’s grand candy buffets

It was my business trip to Derbyshire from US. I was on sabbatical for researching on different kinds of candies taste. I was always passionate about candies. When I was a small kid my mother gave me different kinds of candies every day that I liked very much. I always said my mom to give me many candies provided I could fill my pockets. They were like a food for me without which I could not live. There were only two kinds of fondness of mine so far as I knew. One was watching movies and second was eating candies. When they came into my mouth I felt myself Immmm! like of expression. My grandmother also had fondness for it so whenever I went to meet her she organized sweet candy buffets that I liked most and whole day I ate candies and because of this my mother worried about my teeth.

Sweet Candy Buffets

When I became enough old, perhaps I was in school I saw a movie named ‘Charlie and Chocolate Factory’ that very much impressed me and I thought of building a candy and chocolate factory where I could make different types of candies and organize big sweet candy buffets where I invite all the people for tasting my candies. After completing my education in making and producing of candies and chocolate I worked in a company which made candies and chocolates. After taking enough experience I took a break for researching on different types of candies and chocolate for which I almost traveled whole world going into different factories and shops for my research. I knew that I always wanted to be a candy maker. I almost took 8 years for my research and after completing it I got into making different candies and when I made best candy so far my satisfaction concerned I submitted its formula to a company and they liked it and bought it. I sold it in huge amounts and I requested that company to throw a biggest buffet of candies. They liked my idea and did as I said them. There was a grand buffet thrown in the name of mine and it was like a dream came true and I became one of the world’s best candy makers.

sweet candy buffets

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